Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yeah A New Little Story

Movie Time
We were sitting in the back of the theater. It wasn’t really a date, but Kevin had been so nice helping me get through algebra, when he hinted about the movie I didn’t have the heart to say no.
He wasn’t exactly good looking but even though skinny and a bit awkward, he still had had a sort of cute geekish thing about him that I found sweet.
Maybe I should have thought more about what I chose to wear. I didn’t really mean to dress like a tease on our non-date date (or did I?).
Well there In my short denim skirt. It came modestly enough to almost half way over my thighs when standing, but when sitting it tended to ride up so I had to be careful, not to just let anyone see up my skirt. The halter top wasn’t really all that tight, but it was I guess it was maybe a bit thin and that was confirmed when Kevin picked me up and he couldn’t help but stare. I’m pretty sure he could see the pink bow on my bra through the flimsy material.
Well there we were sitting in the back of the dark movie theater watching this super hero action movie and it was definitely not as good as it was hyped up to be. My attention began to wander and apparently Kevin was not much impressed with the movie either as I glimpsed over it seemed his attention was more on my legs and my skirt than the movie. He was sweet enough at least to try and be discrete about it and not obviously oogling, but still, when ever i would look over at him, his eyes were invariable on my thin creamy thighs and NOT the movie.
I smiled to myself, a bit more pleased with his reaction than I expected. I’d never though of him in “that” way before. The most he had gotten from me was a friendly peck on the cheek thanking him after a long tutoring session, but now sitting through a frankly boring movie, I found his attention to my body, kind of funny and a bit exciting.
when I shifted my position in my seat and my skirt rose up higher on my thighs, I didn’t bother to tug it back down, preferring to pretend, he might not be able to glimpse a flash of my panties now and then.
Kevin seemed to have much more difficulty pretending to watch the movie and shifted uncomfortably in his seat and it was clear why when I looked over at him. He was sporting a pretty impressive boner bulging in his jeans!
Boredom, a sweet sort of cute boy next to me and a dark theater and my mind started to whir.
I placed my hand on his thigh, casually but very close to his bulge and whispered in his ear a question about the movie. Very close as my lips gently brushed his ear and that combined with my warm breath in his ear and my fingers lightly touching his thigh had he expected result. Kevin almost jumped out of his seat in embarrassment.
I giggle “It’s okay” as my hand rubbed his thigh and I flicked my tongue in his ear. Kevin moaned audible and I giggled as my soft slender fingers cupped his hard on through his jeans. I smiles as he looked into my eyes in amazement as my fingers tugged his zipper down. He looked around almost panicking as my fingers slid into his not too tight jeans and wrapped over his cock. Kevin closed his eyes holing his breath. I looked around and noticed the young girl sitting in front of us peeking around at us. She was slim and pretty with silky gold hair and had a bemused smile as she watched me pull Kevin’s surprisingly large cock from his pants.
Poor Kevin. This was too much for him. I had barely stroked his cock more than a minute before his whole body stiffened and he erupted a hot stream of cum. Shooting all over my hand falling on my skirt and thighs and I grinned to notice a few streams of cum in the blonde silky hair of the girl in front of us. Kevin began to sputtered whispers of apology, till I leaned over kissing him deeply my gooey fingers still wrapped over his shrinking cock.
Then looking up I saw the pretty young blonde still staring surprised but now grinning. I grabbed the back of her hair with my cum covered fingers and pulled her into a kiss, which she accepted eagerly.
Breaking the kiss reluctantly, I looked back at Kevin, the shock on his face was so funny. I then winked grinning broadly and gestured to the slim blonde strange girl to come with me. Holding her small hand in my still gooey fingers we walked to the theater bathroom still wearing thin strands of cum dripping down my thigh and skirt and I giggles into her ear, “I think he will be ready for round 2 buy the time we get back. She pulled back briefly looking surprised but then grinned broadly and held my gooey fingers more tightly as we walked through the lobby to the restrooms.

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