Sunday, October 9, 2011


I finally broke down and upgraded my graphics card on my computer. Had a couple friends give me some good advice and suggestions and now zoom. I am on SL with settings cranked to high and I still have very little lag and relatively crash free now (aside from the ones caused by LL and there ongoing if it isn't broke break it upgrades).
So trying some new looks and skins out to see which looks best with the settings on high.

Not to mention the concerts I do with Lightning Productions look much better!!

Oh and shopping in my Sexy Schoolgirl look tends to draw attention away from my shopping and on to satisfying some naughty babysitter, daddy's girl and wild child student fantasy!

So many older guys want to know if I remembered my panties. Well for the purpose of relieving tension. For these pictures, I am and they are lacey and white with little pastel flowers.


Malou DeCuir said...

Congrats with the upgrade...
Looks fabulous Cherry :-)

Cherry said...

Thanks. Spending more time in photoshop lately too wanting to show off now :)

Jenny Swallows said...

Hi Cherry... just to let you know there are some wonderful pics of you (from Rocky Horror) here... scroll down for the best ones :)

Cherry said...

Thanks Jenny!! They look great!
Always a blast at Darkside

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