Monday, May 28, 2012

To Mesh or Not to Mesh

I have been struggling with whether I care much for the mesh clothing and hair. Most o the mesh clothing I have tried has required shape alterations, which is something I don't care for doing and the hair has pretty much requires the same, plus as I am holding out with the Phoenix Viewer, I don't have the luxury of multiple alpha layers. That being said, I am rather liking the mesh hair coming out of Truth. It seems to fit me perfectly allowing me to keep my original shape and no need to use up an alpha to make it look right.
Any opinions or leads? Ciao, Cherry

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Ravik said...

The term MESH is starting (for me) to become synonymous to "Linden Labs doesn't give a damm about SL and wishes it would go away".

Implementing MESH for objects was something that should have been done literally YEARS ago. Not including functionality that allows MESH clothing without changing the avatar was just fucking assine. I'm sorry. We are talking technology that's common to every other video game on the market today, Linden labs failure to keep up is inexcusable and likely is part of the reason that Second Life has seen virtually no growth in the last few years....

Okay, Rant over, thank you for listening. I'm interested in MESH clothing, but, until the clothing can accommodate my current shape, I won't spend any money on it.

What I'm very interested in are MESH avatar's. MESH avatars can, potentially, represent the human body with far greater fidelity then the standard SL avatar. I know a few people working on them, but apparently, it's a very difficult thing to make work. I've yet to meet someone who has a "human" MESH avatar.

I know that doesn't really answer your question. Mesh does have one MASSIVE advantage over scuplties. The shape rez's instantaneously. If you've ever seen someone with a bunch of scuplty shapes as part of their avatar, you know how ugly they can be till they rez in.

In any event, look forward to seeing what you do with MESH stuff in the future.

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