Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Meshing Around With Firestorm

I have been stubbornly resisting to switch over to Firestorm for so long, but after chatting with my friend Danika (Danika Designs), she convinced me I had to give it a really fair try of at least a week to get use to it...So My Day 2 report. Going surprisingly well. They have a Phoenix skin that is making the transition much easier to take as it looks and responds much like my favorite Phoenix Viewer. Yes I have been told there are some very cool other skins that have great features, but I'm trying to adjust dammit, so one step at a time. Performance also seems to be much improved so far. Moving around in SL feels much smoother than my last go with Firestorm when I felt like I was having a seizure sometimes when walking. Also so far no real crash problems to complain about...yet...(crosses fingers and knocks on wood). The only problems I have had has been a couple times on login I wouldn't rezz and it took a relog to stop being a puff of orange smoke and sometimes when I make a wardrobe change I will get a bit of avatar blur unless I switch out to a different variation of my favorite skin. I think the second of the problems is probably fixable by some simple adjustments i can make if I ever get unlazy enough to fully investigate all of Firestorms potential and features....or somebody makes it easy for me. Yeah I will wait till somebody makes it easy and tells me....research is hard :P. Anyway so far so good although I may have to do a lot more shopping for those cute mesh outfits now!

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