Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Return of the Slutty School Girl

Yes Sluttiness at Cherry18 is still in vogue. Thanks to Happy Undead, My Pretty Pixels, Truth Hair and Sofie (one of our Cherry18 Girls), for this little outfit. More than one teacher has already had difficulty teaching with a raging hard on in his pants. You might think i would take some pity on them, but no, not me. I see them squirming behind their desk rubbing one out hoping we wont notice but i do and it makes me so wet. I can't resist turning up the heat. Spreading my legs slightly so they can see my little cotton panties. Ive even been known to pull my panties aside so they have a clear view of my pretty pink girlie bits. The look on their face when our eyes lock and I smile knowing hes rubbing one off wishing i would climb on his lap and let him slide it into me right there in the classroom. Okay now I've gotten myself warmed up, time to earn some "detention". Ciao

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