Sunday, July 27, 2014


Yes, I got a request for bikini pictures. These are a couple of my favorites. On the towel I remember catching our neighbor peeking at me. The poor old guy would do his best to not be noticed but i could tell he was leering and occasionally rubbing himself as I lounged in the back yard sunning myself. Sometimes when laying on my tummy, I would "forget" and turn over leaving my bikini top on the towel.


Ravik said...

Eyes glued to your suntanned slender beauty, his desire presses hard against his pants as his palm slides up and down across that big bulge.

Watching you turn over, and then undo your top, keeps him fixed on you, his hands rubbing faster and faster as your tight ass wiggles.

Just as the embarrassment of masturbating while peaking at you is about to make him stop, you turn over, and the sight of your sweet breasts, covered in a thin glistening sheen of sweet, nipples so pert and red sends such a rush of hot lust through his body that he has to keep going.

His rough palm massaging his member through his tight genes, he watches as you part your legs ever so slightly and as his thinks about the wet secret hidden within, he gasps, his body shaking as he climaxes.....

Ravik said...


I've kinda given up on SL cause it's laggy and I have a lot more fun in GW2. But I've lots of fond memories of Cherries. So I keep coming back to visit your blog.

I know you've got a lot to do, but I wish you could post more often. One way you could do that is get some help. You don't have to maintain the blog by yourself. Have some other fan of Cherries take pictures and write posts from time to time.

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